Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wrecking of the Holy Spirit

Yesterday, I wrote a few bullet points about a night with Jen Hatmaker. It literally wrecked me, so it's something I'm going to be processing for a while. Here are more thoughts.

Making the gospel real means being broken and poured out for someone else's salvation and healing. Before you think I'm going crazy, this does not mean "saving" people. Salvation and healing is a justice issue - do you have food, safe housing, and purpose? How can I help? Entire groups of people don't have anyone to make the gospel real to them. Jesus wasn't hitting people with the Bible (or Torah or scrolls), he was healing people to restore them into right standing in the community, feeding people who need food, and generally hanging out with the outcasts. 
The scope of suffering happening in our watch, church, is daunting. 
It was especially challenging thinking about being the top of the food chain. Obviously I know that, but hearing Jen Hatmaker tell us that we are the most resourced people in the world - I was moved. Resourced was not a word I've used before to describe myself. I have every possible resource at my fingertips. I could literally do anything I put my mind to. I've done very little to deserve this right. And yet, how am I using it? To resource the resourced? To bless the blessed? To serve the safe? Is that the best use of my gifts? Or am I squandering everything I've been given?

Justice is about setting things right. It is not right for mamas to bury their babies because they died from starvation when we throw out food. It's not right for little ones to be sold because their parents cannot afford them when we can buy our boy anything he wants. It's not right for people to be homeless when we think it's a tragedy to cancel cable. How do we do the right thing?

Before we arrived, I was practically throwing a tantrum about others not doing the right thing. Because people don't do the right thing, sometimes I am inconvenienced. But I'm not starving, homeless, or suffering. Yet, here I am not showing justice.

Jen Hatmaker talked about the events leading up to their lives being turned upside down as pulling the string on a sweater. Let's just slowly tug this thread and see what happens. Let's begin to work with the homeless and see how that goes. In the end, they were left with a completely unraveled sweater, personal experience with the homeless, refugee, impoverished, and at-risk children, and a whole new understanding of sharing the Gospel.

I spent the entire weekend and the days since, I've ben praying about where the thread is. I've been convicted about sharing the Gospel with safe people. I spend my whole day job working in ministry. I work very hard and share the Gospel of grace, compassion, and love with everyone... Well, not EVERYONE... I thought everyone, but now I'm reconsidering. That's a story for another day. But here I am. Wondering where the thread is and who God is going to call me to make the Gospel real.

Basically, I'm searching for the right string to pull. I know that God is calling me.
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