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Halloween Pumpkin Trick-or-treat basket

I made Wesley's Halloween basket last year and posted about it last year. It's almost Halloween again and I cannot wait to get out his basket (which has to be somewhere...) for him to use to trick-or-treat! It's not too late to make your own Pumpkin Trick-or-Treat basket!

Post originally appeared on  October 2, 2012

When I made Wesley's Easter basket, I had the genius idea that I wanted to make a pumpkin for Halloween in a similar style. I thought he'd look so cute carrying a little pumpkin to collect his candy and knew I wanted to make something special for him. No plastic pumpkins for my little man!

It actually took me MONTHS to make this project. I bought the supplies and did the first few steps and then stopped. I would pick it up again every couple of weeks and feel the pressure to get it done. I finally finished the last week in September. Literally 4 months since I started. Now that it's officially October and pumpkin season, I thought I'd share it with you!

I promise it won't take you as long. :-) The actual hands on time was more like 4 hours, not 4 months. And I did it all while watching TV. I am very proud of it.

cord - I used a bag and a half of Wright's 12/32" cotton cord filler
1/2 yard of orange fabric
1/4 yard of green fabric
green thread
orange thread
The first thing I did was cut the fabric into strips. I did the orange first. I cut them into long skinny rows about 2-3" wide and as long as the fabric.
I also sewed the two cords together to make one longer cord. Once it was covered by the fabric there was no way to tell they were ever two pieces.

Notice that my hands are green. From this project. Yeah, it took me a LONG time to make this basket! 
Once the strips were cut and the cord was sewn together, I sewed one end to the end of the cord. I tried to loop the fabric around the end of the cord so it completely covered the cord. That's when the fun began.

I started winding the fabric around the cord. I kept it as tight as I could while wrapping it around. There's really no strategy in this. I was okay with it being a little rough - the edges were raw and that was fine with me.

I kept winding and once I was done with one strip, I sewed it to another strip and kept winding. If I needed to stop, I simply put a straight pin in the end to hold the fabric tight.

Lather, rise, repeat. I did this for nearly the entire cord. I left about 2" at the end.

That's really where I stopped and let everything sit for several months. When I finally picked it back up again, it was time to wind again! This time I was winding the cord. I started at the end wrapped in fabric and began to make a spiral.

I used the orange thread and made stitches every so often to hold everything in place. I found that making 'X' with the thread worked best. Imaging taking two steps forward and one step back when sewing everything in place.
I continued to go around and around until the bottom of the pumpkin was as wide as I wanted. I chose to make the bottom flat so it would be easy to sit without it rolling all over. I tried to make the pumpkin round in shape. I found this challenging, but just took it a few inches at a time, sewing and checking out how the shape was coming.

Once I was down with the basket and it was the size and shape that I liked, I sewed the end in place. This pumpkin is 6 rows from the center and 13 rows tall.
Of course a pumpkin wouldn't be complete without a sweet little handle! I decided to double up the cord and then wrap it with the green fabric. I needed much less so I only cut one long strip of the green. I wrapped it just like with the orange and sewed it on the inside of the pumpkin.

The last part was very easy. I am really pleased with how it turned out. I was concerned with the shape but found it easier than I thought. I might have done it differently if I were to make another one, but I love it. It's the perfect size for our little man. Maybe someday we'll pass this one down to a little Johnston and make a larger one for our big boy.

I haven't decided what we're going to be for Halloween yet, but at least our little man will be collecting candy in style! Of course this pumpkin could always be made to hold flowers, candy, or other items as decoration around the house. But ours will be used to collect candy by the sweetest little man.

What do you do for Halloween? How do you collect candy? Is a pillowcase still the best option? :-)
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