Tuesday, October 8, 2013

We're halfway there...

When I turned 21 a few of my precious sorority sisters took me out for my midnight drink(s) and on the way home I belted out Livin' on a Prayer. Since then, I've had a love-hate relationship with that song. 
Tonight I am halfway through a journey. Yesterday Wesley and I left Jarrod at the Dallas airport and flew to Houston. The flight was packed and Wesley didn't have a ticket (because he is under 2) so he sat on my lap the entire trip. He was a champion! He didn't like when we first boarded and everyone was getting on the plane because I wouldn't allow him to walk around. But he thought take-off and landing were the funniest things ever.

In Houston we stayed on the plane but were able to "stretch out legs" for about 10 minutes. That meant jumping on the seats for Wesley while I frantically got all of our things organized. I switched him into his jammies (but didn't change his diaper, because I thought that'd be gross...) and told him it was night night time. Our flight from Houston to Newark left at 7:30pm Dallas time. It was getting dark and thankfully we had an empty seat next to us. Wahoo.

After take-off, we switched on Dinosaur Train and snuggled down. I prayed he would sleep. He didn't sleep, but he did ace the second flight. He got pretty angry on the descent because I had to turn off Dinosaur Train. I think I literally prayed for 2 hours and 51 minutes until the wheels touched down in Newark and he was fine.

He did great when we got off the plane, switched to the stroller, and went to baggage claim. He did great when we got into Granddad's car and started heading home. He fell asleep about 15 minutes before we arrived home - at about midnight Dallas time. I carried him to his room, changed his diaper (for the first time since we left Dallas!) and went to place him in the pack 'n play all ready for him. And he screamed. Bloody murder. He literally wouldn't lay down in it. He screamed until he gagged himself. Repeatedly. So I did the only sane thing I could think of after traveling alone with a toddler for 9 hours. I carried him into my bed. And he slept with me for the first time since he was 2 weeks old.

So we're in New Jersey visiting family for the week. I'll leave Wes with my dad and his wife while I head to the shore for a conference tomorrow. I'm praying he does well. Putting him down for a nap today and to bed tonight was more of the same screaming fit. I've never experienced anything like that with him before. He definitely stalls and screams sometimes, but never for 90 minutes straight. A white noise machine and just completely ignoring him and he was finally asleep. Praying he sleeps until at least 8am!

While I'm incredibly thrilled that we made it here without incident, we're only halfway there. We need to make the return trip - everything we did yesterday, but in reverse. Except we actually have to change planes in Houston. I'm cautiously preparing for the return trip. Definitely not confident enough to lose the 25 lb. bag with 15 snack options and 25 diapers, but potentially a little less anxious about it.

In case you're wondering, here's what we did on the plane:

  • Snacks while we waited for everyone to board. Crackers, gogo squeez, hummus, cheddar bunnies, water, and bananas. 
  • Paci during take-off and landing. Attempted to read books. He hated it and threw them. Awesome.
  • Once we could turn electronics on we fired up the Kindle and watched Dinosaur Train. He downloaded an entire season. We practiced at home with our new Kidz Gear headphones and he did GREAT! I rigged the kindle case to the closed tray table. It worked GREAT.
 I appreciate your prayers and kind thoughts as we continue to travel in Jersey and head home this weekend!
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  1. I was so anxious the first time I flew with James alone. Getting through security had me walking through a million steps in my head - how will I get my shoes off, how will I fold up the umbrella stroller so it goes through, etc. But, fortunately, most folks are very kind and compassionate - a TSA worker unfolded my stroller, another mom stood watch over us while I put my shoes on. I was so focused on trying to make James blend in - act like a little adult - that I forgot that most folks would give us grace because he's a little kid. And adjusting from travel is rougher than the travel most of the time. Blessings for a safe and sane travel day back!



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