Monday, November 25, 2013

Look out Dave Ramsey - We're Debt Free!!!

Today is a day I've been dreaming of for 6 years. A day that has been on our calendar for 4 months. We are going to see and meet Dave Ramsey to do our Debt Free Scream on his radio show. Check out when Dave Ramsey is on the radio near you - we should be on during the first hour of the show. You can also catch the show on his website, iheart radio, and by downloading the podcast.

I'll be sharing pictures soon. Suffice to say, we are beyond thrilled. It is an incredibly exciting day to be a Johnston! Feel free to follow us on instagram to see the day through our perspective! 

And just in case you're wondering what we've been up to this weekend in Nashville, check this out! 
The big picture is Wesley doing his fake laugh. He thinks it's so funny to throw his head back and laugh really hard, usually at nothing. 

The top photo is of me and Rachel Held Evans. I knew I'd love her but I was blown away. Amazing. The photo in the middle is Wes and me at this awesome restaurant called the Back Alley Diner in Nashville. He's wearing an adorable cookie monster hat. Finally, the bottom photo is Wesley playing with a magna doodle on the way out here. It kept him occupied for several hours off and on during the drive!  
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