Thursday, November 21, 2013

Say Cheese! {Minted Christmas Cards}

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are mine. I will be receiving credit to purchase something awesome from Minted. Again, all opinions are mine. :-) 
My husband suffered through a wardrobe discussion recently. It's no secret that he's the more fashionable one of the two of us. However, I'm the "photographer" in the family and have more of an eye for what will look good together. When we were discussion what we could wear for Christmas photos this conversation happened.

Leanne: Wesley can wear his Christmas sweater (think tan, red, and argyle). What would you like to wear?
Jarrod: I can wear my light blue sweater. (think pastel) Do you have a sweater you could wear?
Leanne: Um, no.

I took the reigns and we have a photo shoot scheduled and outfits picked out. I'm sure the photos will be awesome. Almost as important as the photos, is what we'll use them for... Christmas cards!

As a child, my parents sent out creative and interesting Christmas cards. They made them at home because there wasn't a way to print photo cards online. The expectation was set that I'd always do awesome Christmas cards. Jarrod didn't share the desire, but he has quickly gotten on board. :-)

I don't know what our pictures will look like yet, but I'm already searching for the perfect template to use. The first place I started looking was Minted. I was completely overwhelmed. I couldn't even narrow it down to a reasonable list for Jarrod to approve.

I love this one because it is so clean. We will have some red in our family photos and I think it would match nicely. This card also comes in other colors in case you won't be wearing red!

Chalkboard art is so trendy and popular. This card is awesome and I love the message!
For the past few years we have included photos or other details about our year in review. (You can check out the photo card from 2011 and the letter from 2012!) I love this interesting card! I think our highlights would include becoming debt-freeJarrod taking a new job and starting graduate school (again), and Wesley learning a million things!

This is another great highlights card! The same highlights apply, but perhaps I'd add that I walked 60 miles (again!).

Everyone loves Instagram, right? Check out this card and post your favorite photos from the year!
Minted also has some great photo cards if you had a baby this year, got married, or moved. I also found spectacular cards if you're not sending cards out until the new year!

There are many other awesome cards from Minted. If you already have your family photo (maybe you're using a vacation photo, a candid shot, or a picture of your kids!), head over to Minted to find your perfect card.

I haven't decided if I'm going to use my Minted credit for Christmas cards or Birthday invites for Wesley's 2nd birthday. I bought a groupon for Zazzle's Christmas cards a while back and planned to use that for our cards this year. Either way, I know we'll have awesome Christmas cards and fabulous invitations for Wesley's party!

What will you be doing to spread holiday cheer this year? Sending cards out early? Waiting until New Years? Saving the money and using Facebook to wish everyone a happy holidays? Or are you against holiday cheer? :-)

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