Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thirty-One Gifts {The perfect holiday gift}

I'm not selling Thirty-One and I am not being compensated for this post. All opinions are completely mine. However, I have entered a challenge and am trying to win Thirty-One products! You can help by placing an order by November 28th!  
It's day 2 of gift giving posts! If you haven't entered the giveaway for Diamond Candles, be sure to do that soon! Today is all about Thirty-One and you can help me win free stuff! Interested in placing an order? Just shoot me an e-mail by November 28th and I'll get it taken care of for you!

Have you heard about Thirty-One? I heard about them a few years ago from my awesome friend. She had a great purse that had a million pockets. I LOVE pockets. There's nothing like an organized bag to really get me going! When we moved to this area I met a fabulous friend who sells Thirty-One. About a month ago I went to my first party. I don't know that I've ever seen so impressed!

Thirty-One makes fabulous totes, organizational items, and beautiful purses. The purses that I'm coveting include the Vary You Versatile bag (seriously, gym bag and diaper bag? YES!), Suite Cross N Fold, and the Organizing Shoulder Bag (you had me at Organizing!) 
The section of Target that gets me the most is the office section. I adore the organizational items - folders and folders with folders! Thirty-One takes awesome organization to the next level! I mean seriously, don't you need the Hang-Up Home Organizer?

Of course organization happens in the garage, closet, and car too. I've heard such great things about the Utility Totes.
This one would look great at the top of my closet organizing all of my 3-day stuff. I've heard these are also fabulous for organizing your car, carrying towels to the beach or pool, and holding all of your sports items in the garage... I'm thinking it might work well to corral all of Wesley's balls littering our house!

Of course these items weren't quite in my budget at the party, but that doesn't mean I left empty handed! I left the party with a receipt for this new wristlet.
It has a small change pocket, a larger pocket perfect for my iPhone, a plastic pocket for my nametag, and just enough room for recipes, cash, and my cards. It is absolutely everything I was looking for. It can fit everything that I need and I haven't lost my nametag once since switching to this wallet. It makes switching purses super easy. I switch purses several times a week - going from a huge laptop bag to a small purse. But my wristlet is always hung by the door and goes quickly into my purse. 

Other items that I considered adding to my order were the Thermal Tote, Uptown Jewelry bag (for the back seat - hang it over the driver's seat, add toys, snacks, and some kind of screen and you have an instant babysitter for long car trips!), and the Your Way Rectangle. I really need something to help organize my fabric scraps and think those little boxes would be perfect. And they are customizable! 


Have you found something you want yet? Seriously, this stuff is awesome and very reasonable. And if you order by November 28th it will arrive for Christmas! Check out the whole Thirty-One catalog. Send me an e-mail at cookinwiththejohnstons(at)gmail(dot)com to place your order. Have questions? Leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail. Order by November 28th to help me win free stuff! 

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