Friday, December 6, 2013

A Trip to the Fort Worth Zoo

We are home today with a snow day! I love that it's Friday and we have nothing to do but keep warm! We've already made cookies and bread and have chili, cornbread, and more cookies on the agenda. We're very thankful for heat, a safe place to sleep, and plenty of food to eat. And are praying for those who do not. 
We had friends invite us to the Fort Worth Zoo for a members only pancake breakfast. We skipped the breakfast, but got to the zoo early and had a blast! We have been to the zoo before, but Wesley's finally old enough to really enjoy it!

Our day started with a train ride. We arrived right as the zoo opened at 8am and hit straight to the train. Wesley LOVED it! He loved it so much, he didn't want to get his picture taken...

Don't worry, the train wasn't moving at the time! The train was about to go and was making awesome train sounds. Wesley was a little concerned, but loved it! While we were on the train, we got to see a few animals, but mostly just enjoyed the excitement. We had Wesley's stroller but there was a perfect spot for strollers on the train. We just had to fold it up. 
The train dropped us right in front of the carousel! Wesley first experienced the carousel about 6 months ago and loved it. We were pretty sure he'd love it again. Because of the pancake breakfast, the carousel was free all day. Most of the people at the zoo were eating pancakes so we had the carousel to ourselves!
 After the carousel, we walked quickly back towards the front of the zoo because we were meeting friends. We ate some breakfast tacos and were back out to see more animals - this time with friends! We saw lions and tigers playing with pumpkins, baby elephants, and fish.

But Wesley's favorite part was the bird area. It's like a petting zoo for birds. Lots of parakeets flying all over the place. For $1 you can buy a stick with bird seed on it. Normally we wouldn't spend money on something like that, but we thought Wesley would like it. We were wrong.

He LOVED it!

 He was beyond excited about these birds. Mama was a little scared. These birds aren't scared at all and were flying at my head! But Wesley thought it was absolutely the best.

After the birds, we saw more animals. Wesley quickly became frustrated with the stroller and insisted on walking.

That lasted for a very short period of time. He was tired, hungry, and needed a nap. We had a great 3.5 hours before he started melting, though, and I consider that a win! 
We hit the carousel one last time! We were thankful for the first time because this time we had to wait in line! Daddy sat this time out and captured this fabulous shot of Wesley and mama! 

Before leaving, we decided that we needed season passes! Children are free until they turn 3, so we decided it was the perfect year to test out a membership. Nothing has ever made me feel more like a grown-up like buying a zoo membership! 

We can't been back since, but are looking forward to using the membership as soon as the weather is a little nicer. 
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