Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mom Imperfect: Kid and Dad version

I've been a really perfect mom recently and cannot think of any stories to share with you about my imperfections. However, my kid and my husband have had imperfect moments and I want to share them with you. Call it exploitation. 

Kid Imperfect
Our Sunday School class has a Christmas party. We met at someone's house and hired two babysitters to watch the kiddos upstairs. Wesley was the youngest and had a BALL playing with the older kids. He loved all the fun big-kid toys also. By 8:15pm, we knew we were hitting his window and should probably get outta there. I went upstairs to get him and he protested. I explained that it was time to go and carried him down the stairs. When he realized we were actually going home and not just getting cookies for his friends, he got irate. 

I'm not proud of this but when he gets angry occasionally he will flail about and hit me. He did this, swinging his hands and slapping me HARD across the face. In front of all of our friends. I immediately grabbed his hand, said "NO!" in my firm-mama voice, and forgot we were standing in the middle of our friends at someone else's house. Awesome.

I finally looked up to see our friends, looking much less shocked than I anticipated. It was humiliating. 

Dad Imperfect
Jarrod and Wesley stopped at the grocery store on the way home from work a few days ago. They just needed to grab a few things. Wesley had a great day at school, but evidently used up his patience and started to lose it at the store. Jarrod grabbed everything and tried to get out as quickly as he could. 

Because Jarrod makes friends with everyone, he was chatting with the store clerk and other people in line while he checked out at the self-check line. Wesley was, I'm sure, flirting with any girls in a 1 mile radius. Jarrod completed check-out and began loading things in the car. 

He had already loaded Wesley into his carseat, but unloaded him, put the groceries back in the cart, and went into the store. 

"Did I pay?"


He had to re-ring the groceries and pay. Thankfully no one seemed concerned - no bouncers followed him to the car and we're not on the Tom Thumb blacklist for life. But I'm sure Jarrod was embarrassed! 

We've all been there, right? Our children are a reflection of us and when they misbehave it makes us feel inadequate. But no one is perfect - especially over-tired children! And sometimes we're just busy doing other things, like talking to people and making friends, to remember to pay for groceries. 

Being a parent is so hard. I hope that by sharing these stories from our life can help us stop judging and start finding solidarity with each other. 

When was the last time you had an imperfect moment? 
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