Monday, December 2, 2013

October and November 2013 Goals Update

October got the best of me and I forgot to update you on our goals. But that doesn't mean we forgot about them! Here's the update from October and November. I cannot believe next month I'll update you on how we did for the year! We're already planning our 2014 goals and are excited about what the new year will bring us!

Here were our goals for October and November:
  1. Jarrod reads one non-fiction & Leanne reads one book 
  2. Try a new recipe 
  3. Go on one date 
  4. Have one family activity 
  5.  Leanne walk 75% of days 
  6. Walk 60 miles to end breast cancer 
  7. Jarrod reads one non-fiction & Leanne reads one book 
  8. Try a new recipe 
  9. Go on one date 
  10. Have one family activity 
  11. Leanne walk 75% of days 

1 & 7. Let me say how unfair it is that Jarrod automatically gets this one because all the books he reads for school are non-fiction. I wasn't as good about books. I am in the middle of a couple of books and had a few good ones from the library, but never got around to finishing them.
2 & 8. Jarrod made some delicious napa cabbage spring rolls. We got gorgeous napa cabbage in our CSA basket this month and knew that would be a great recipe. I also made a delicious butternut squash puree. It is easy and delicious. I'll be sharing the recipe soon!
3 & 9. We went on one lunch date and it was awesome. Wesley was at school and we had a meeting together so we decided to go to lunch. It was a working lunch, but we were working on a project and had a lot of fun. We don't do that enough.
4 & 10. We went to the Fort Worth Zoo and it was so awesome that we bought a family pass! Wesley really enjoyed it and seems to be at a great age to go see the animals. The photo above is from the bird house and he LOVED that. We also went to Nashville together. We played, read stories, ate at awesome restaurants, and danced. It was deliciously awesome.
5, 6, & 11. Done and done. I did a good job walking. I took a couple of days off after walking 60 miles in 3 days, but just a few. It's colder now so I either bundle up a lot and walk in the mornings or I walk in the evenings after work before it's getting too dark. Works great!

One goal that we didn't include in our annual goals was to decide what avenue we wanted to explore in expanding our family. We are working hard on that and should have an update soon. We hope to get started on something in January.

How are you doing with your goals now that the year is wrapping up?

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