Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 Goals

I wrote last week about how my word for the year was obedient. Jarrod chose the word open and I decided to use that as the backdrop for our 2014 goals. We're being intentionally general  for some of these on this image. We have this hanging in a prominent place in our kitchen so it is a constant reminder throughout the year.

#1 - Complete the foster process. We will likely have this done within the first several months of 2014. We are almost done with our application and then will move on to training and homestudies. We're not setting a date goal on this because things outside of our control could slow us down. But it will likely be done before June or so.

#2 - Meet with an ELP. By March we will have our emergency fund in place and be ready to start saving 15% of our income for retirement and for Wesley's college fund. This is very important. It will also hold us accountable for completing our emergency fund!

#3 - Intentional fun. I realized that the last semester was really tough because we raced around everywhere. We didn't do anything for fun with intentionality. We are going to schedule 3 hours of fun for Jarrod & I and 3 hours of fun for all of us together each week. On Sunday afternoons we have a family meeting to go over the budget, menu, and calendar. At this meeting I will be sure to insert fun whenever I can into our life.

#4 - Weekly meeting. This is the meeting I referenced above. Some weeks we won't have much to discuss and other weeks we will have a lot to talk about. But each week we will have designated space to talk about our life.

Jarrod's goals - Jarrod is currently only taking 2 classes. In order to graduate in a reasonable amount of time, he needs to take 3 classes. This is really a goal I have for him. The straight As is all him!

Leanne's goals - My goals again are centered around the 3-day. I have committed to walking most days, just like last year. I also plan to have my fundraising ($2,300) done by September. If you want to make a donation, you can do so here! I've also set the goal to figure out my next adventure. I don't know what this looks like right now, but I am working on obedience and figuring things out!

What are your goals for the year? How do you stay motivated?
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