Sunday, January 12, 2014

There's Time.

When I first had Wesley I felt rushed all the time. I remember thinking, "Moms read to their kids. I need to read to him." He was 6 days old. I was getting the hang of breast feeding and attempting to sleep. My world was completely rocked and I was concerned with making sure I read with Wesley. I tried to read to him, but he never seemed very interested. ;-)

I am a very intentional person by nature. I do not procrastinate and like to get things done. I understand the importance of making habits. Waiting until you feel like something is too late. I believe that being in good shape means waking up early to exercise everyday. I believe that making a healthy eater out of my kid means making him try new things, eat healthy foods, and give him good things to choose from each day. If I don't start now, he'll never learn to eat vegetables. I can't wait until he's 7.

This is how I attack life. I don't put off for tomorrow what needs to be done today. I am especially diligent in parenting. I do not let Wesley get away with things because I see the 17 year old version of him doing the same things. I work with teenagers and I know who has parents that allow them to do whatever they want. I see the patterns and know I want to do things differently with my kid.

However, as Wesley is getting older, I'm realizing that there is time for everything. I never thought I'd get into the habit of reading with Wesley. When he was 6 weeks old I just couldn't find the time in the midst of sleeping, schedules, and nursing. Now that he's 2 years old we need to limit the number of books we read to him each night. My limit is 3. That means he gets at least 3 books from us each day. He LOVES books. If you had told me that when he was 6 weeks old, I could have relaxed a little bit. I could have offered myself some grace.

Yes, setting habits early is important. I cannot expect Wesley to value praying, going to church, reading, or eating his vegetables if I do not model that for him from a very early age. However, we have a lifetime ahead of us and there is time for everything.

If you're trying to cram way too much into your day, let this be a reminder. There will be more time tomorrow!
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