Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Favorite Things - February 2014 Edition

Every once and a while I like to share some of my favorite things. Recently I've found myself gravitating to some awesome things and I thought it was beyond time to share!

1. Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband

I did research for several months before purchasing this Fitbit. I asked friends who had it, read reviews online, and imagined what it would do for my life. My company participates in a program that provides us with a pedometer to wear. We have goals and if we hit them, we can earn incentives (read: cash!) each quarter. The pedometer is bulky and annoying. I was really good about wearing it when I first started with my company but once I was wearing maternity clothes, I got out of the habit and never got back into it again. About 6 months ago I committed to wearing it regularly. The $25/quarter incentives were awesome motivation!

After wearing the pedometer most days for several months, I decided I might want to invest in a fitbit. This wristband not only tracks my steps and helps me track my step goals, but it comes with a free app on my phone that helps me to check my goals. One of my favorite features is that when I wear the fitbit to bed, it will track my sleeping. It will tell me when I'm restless and when I'm awake during the night. Very interesting!

2. Better Mom Shots
I've mentioned this before, but this month I'm especially thankful for Better Mom Shots. Through 30 simple videos and articles, I learned how to use my camera completely in manual. I've been shooting exclusively in manual for about 9 months and couldn't be happier. We've had some nice weather recently so I took Wesley outside for an impromptu photo shoot and playdate. These photos are all straight out of the camera, save the watermark. Nothing incredible, but I'm so thankful that I was able to capture these beautiful moments.
We also went to the zoo recently and I snapped these awesome photos of Wesley and his Momo! I'm so thankful I knew what settings to use because there wasn't time to test things before the merry go 'round was going and I had to get picture-taking!
Look how happy Wesley's Momo is! He loves her and she loves him! 
I had a blast taking these photos and love that nearly 50% of the pictures I've taken are wall-worthy. Thank you, Monica

3. OnGuard
I'm slightly obsessed with this stuff. I rub it on my feet and Wesley's feet everyday. I diffuse it in our house most days, and I've been known to just rub it on my face when I have a headache. It smells like cinnamon, citrus, and heaven all mixed up together. I'm convinced that it's helped keep us healthy (knock on wood!) for what seems like one of the worst winters ever in terms of illness.

OnGuard boosts immunity, kills germs and pathogens, and makes everything smell delicious. It can be taken orally, topically, diffused in the air, and used in cleaning. We've used it when we feel illness coming on to really kick it in the rear. Here is more information about what OnGuard can do.

Want some of your own? You can order your own OnGuard here or you can e-mail me and I can get some for you!

What are your favorites this month?
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  1. Thanks for sharing these favorites. I'm going to check out the photography site you mentioned. I also love essential oils. I've been building my collection and adding new oils to my routines each day.
    I'm stopping by from the 100 Days Challenge and look forward to learning more about your journeys.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Merri! Let me know what you think of Better Mom Shots! It's really amazing!

  2. I have contemplated purchasing a fit bit, I am hoping to win won in a giveaway LOL.
    The photos are so cute, love the little football player, looking quite serious. Thanks for sharing! Visiting from #BBY100

    1. Kirsten- I'm always trying to win stuff on giveaways! I am incredibly cheap and hate spending money, but the fitbit was totally worth it! And thanks for the compliment on the photos! It's ironic that he's a little football player because my husband and I don't watch sports at all! :-)

  3. I keep hearing so much about the Fit bit! I need to look into this more! #BYB100



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