Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Foster Care Happenings

We are getting things moving on our journey to become foster parents! Last week our counselor returned from being out of the office and was able to review all of our paperwork. She had a question about our health forms - my anxiety medication.
I don't know if I've written about my anxiety here before, but I have suffered from anxiety (generalized) for my whole life. Perhaps I'll share the longer version someday, but for now, here's the short version... In January of 2008 I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder by my doctor. It took a few months to find the right medication, but we finally did and it's been taking the edge off ever since. I weened off when I was pregnant, only to go back on at an even lower dose - 1/2 a pill - during my 3rd trimester. I've attempted to go off of it and onto more natural methods before without much success.
Our counselor suggested natural methods and speaking with my doctor to begin weening myself off of the medication. I called my doctor that day and requested a plan and a letter for our agency. I had an appointment with my doctor today, we came up with a 3-week plan, and he wrote a letter to the agency outlining our plan. Whew!

On Wednesday we will have our fire inspection. In preparation for that, one of our new smoke detectors went off early this morning. Yay! All of our smoke detectors work and have new batteries, our fire extinguisher is ready to go and hopefully our inspection will go smoothly. After that, we are working on scheduling and taking our trainings. Some are online at home, some are online at the office, and some are in person at the office. All told, there are about 20 hours of training that I know of at this time.

I'm starting to talk to Wesley about being a brother. He has no idea what we're talking about, but I'm trying to get him to at least repeat words to me. We're talking about a baby or another child coming to live with us. There is no way for us to adequately prepare him or us for the changes that will happen in our family over the next 6 months. Jarrod and I also pray regularly for our future babies. In very small ways, that makes it more real for me.

There's our update! I'm sure I'll have more to share as we continue in this process! Thank you for your prayers.

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  1. Wonderful exciting times! This seems to be moving faster, like momentum is carrying you forward. Getting ready for more love and joy.



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