Monday, February 3, 2014

The Wesley Book

One of Wesley's favorite presents he received for Christmas is a book that Wesley received from my dad and stepmom. They gathered pictures from the trip and put them into a book just for Wesley. Wesley immediately deemed it "The Wesley Book." He LOVES it.

While I love my DSLR, it's often too large to take with me everywhere. The best pictures I get of Wesley are often taken on my phone. While I occasionally get those photos printed (Printsagram is AWESOME!) typically all those photos remain forever on my phone, instagram, and Facebook.  Wesley had a great time doing many activities - he actually did even more that I wasn't aware of until the Wesley book arrived, including surprise Christmas presents for Mama and Daddy! 

My dad and stepmom love the book because it's a way for them to stay connected with Wesley even though we live over a thousand miles apart. They have captured the best moments they've had with Wesley and he can relive them every night before bed. Truth be told, I think my dad loves his Wesley book as much as Wesley does! 
This picture has nothing to do this with post. He's just adorable. :-) 
After the success of the New Jersey version of the Wesley book (which is this one from snapfish) I decided to make Wesley a birthday book. I took a million photos at his birthday party this year - of him and his friends having a great time - and thought that putting the photos into a book will help him remember the special day. It's also a great use of all the random photos I took - kids throwing balls, everyone laughing outside, etc. I opted for a soft cover for this book and ordered this one from Shutterfly. It was $14.99, but I used a coupon and got 50% off and free shipping. 

These books are easy, inexpensive, and Wesley adores them. They are a great way to remember special events and see how much he has grown. Of course we will still make our annual yearbooks but think I'm going to make little books for Wesley more of a priority. Especially the soft cover books that we can toss in the diaper bag, the car, or on his bookshelf for easy reading. 

Wesley loves the Wesley books and I think it helps him know how special he is. 
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