Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Coffee Break

When I was in 11th grade I was an extra in my high school's production of How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying. There's a song in that production called Coffee Break. It was my big number. And when I say big, I mean lots of singing in the background and trying not to trip. I rocked it.

But I didn't understand it at all. I wasn't a coffee drinker at 17 and I'm not a coffee drinker today. When Jarrod and I got married, we registered for a Keurig because it was a way for him to get his one cup of coffee without wasting any.

Because I love my husband, I'm always looking for a deal on awesome coffee. Lucky for him, Seattle's Best Coffee contacted me about getting some free coffee. Of course I jumped at the offer. Seattle's Best Coffee just came out with a K-cup version of their coffee and wanted Jarrod to try it out!
I'm thankful that my husband is reasonable and uses a reusable coffee filter with his Keurig. This means we save money and he can enjoy ground coffee and k-cups. 
This precious bag was sitting (in a box) on my front porch one afternoon and I couldn't have been more excited! (for Jarrod...)

On the outside of the bag was a really sweet tag...
That's our blog banner! How cute is that? A really great touch from Seattle's Best! And a k-cup attached was perfect for Jarrod to test!

Inside the bag were two bags of Seattle's Best ground coffee - Spirited Start and Born in Seattle. Spirited Start is a breakfast blend, which is one of Jarrod's favorites. Born in Seattle is a house blend. I'm not even really sure what that means, so I won't even make any comments. :-) Coffee drinkers, you know what's up. 

While I was taking pictures, this snotty boy was running around. I captured this picture and had to share his beautiful brown eyes. He literally has snot all over his face (thanks to Texas weather changing 40 degrees overnight.

Are you a coffee drinker like Jarrod? Do you prefer diet coke like me? Or are you a pure water drinker, like I should be?
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  1. I recently came across the Seattle's Best Spirited and love it! I was wondering though, I too prefer to buy the bags and use the refillable k-cup but I've been having problems with this particular blend of coffee, it seems to jam up my machine and I have to brew 2 different cycles to get my regular size cup of coffee. I haven't tried regrinding the grounds yet to see if it will thin them out a little but I was wondering, has your husband experienced any similar problems? Just thought I'd take a shot and ask as I came across your blog in search of people with similar issues. Thanks ;)

    1. That's a very interesting problem! We have not had that problem with this coffee - in fact, I don't think my husband has had that problem at all! We have a (VERY!) old Keurig and haven't had any issues like that... Sorry! Hope you figure out the problem!



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