Monday, March 10, 2014

Decorating for Kids {Gender neutral bedroom}

God willing, we are nearing the end of our pre-foster process and entering into the licensed stage of the game. For us, this means that (again, God willing!) we will be licensed to have little ones up to 5 years of age placed in our home. We are open to babies, toddlers, and kids, sibling groups, and single kiddos. The thought of having more kids absolutely terrifies me, but one thing that gets me excited is decorating another room!

We had a BLAST decorating Wesley's nursery before he was born. If you've been around for a while, you'll remember that we didn't find out if Wesley was a boy or a girl, so the nursery was gender neutral from the start. It was a small challenge, but we had a lot of fun making decorating choices that would work for a little man or a baby girl.

This time around, we have a clean slate. Our guest room used to house Jarrod's office, but at the start of the new semester, we moved his stuff into our bedroom. There are a lot of things that need to move around but for now, I'm dreaming about what that room could be.

Of course bed(s) are completely up in the air. We have no idea if we'll need cribs, bunk beds, or just a single bed. Our plan, if we need another crib, is to move Wesley into a twin bed and move the crib across the hall. But we might need two more beds. Who knows. Either way, I'm picking colors that will go with some of our current furniture and patterns that will work for boys or girls, regardless of age.

1. I love this bed from IKEA. It might become Wesley's bed someday. I love the storage underneath and clean lines. We've decided to skip the toddler bed and go straight to a twin or double bed. We'd likely do the same thing with a foster kiddo. His crib does transition to a toddler bed - just removing the one side - and we'll do that for a while and have that as an option as well.

2. We already have this hemnes dresser and use it as Wesley's changing table. We plan to move it into the room across the hall and getting him a smaller dresser for his closet to create more floor space for playing. It's a fabulous dresser and has worked great as a changing table.

3. I love these paper lanterns as decorations. They are a great way to add color and texture without an added expense. I got the idea and the picture is from this blog. Because we rent and cannot paint, using paper lanterns could be a great way to add color to the walls without painting. Interested in ordering some colored paper lanterns? Check out Oriental Trading!

4. I originally found this fabric when I made the mood board. Since then, I found the same fabric but with a white background that I like a lot more. Either way, I love this fabric for accents - maybe a floor pillow or lampshade.

5. We didn't have a mobile in Wesley's nursery and instead opted for a branch and birds. I don't know that we'll have any babies in the new room, but I love these mobiles just in case. Either way, this might be pretty if it hung over the bed or in the corner.

The colorful chevron fabric in the upper right corner is my inspiration for curtain fabric. There are two narrow windows in the room and they are on opposite corners of the room. Because they aren't close and would only need one panel each, I think a bold fabric like this could work.

The room is large and gets a lot of natural light so I'm hoping that my bold choices will work. We'd likely go with a simple bedspread - thick stripes or polkadots, perhaps - to neutralize all of the crazy colors I've chosen.

What do you think? What would you do if you had to decorate a room that could work for a wide range of children?
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  1. We LOVE everything we have from the Hemnes line! Would you make that mobile or buy it? I tried to make a mobile of cut paper and it was a MESS. Tried to use stars and hearts and elephants and sew them--disaster. So if you figure it out please let me know!

    What color would you emphasize? Or would everything be rainbow-ish?

  2. Yikes! I was hoping to make one - maybe with a dye cut in a circle and paint swatches or something, but you're making me rethink that! :-) Perhaps I should save myself the trouble and just buy it!

    I'm loving the muted green and think that would work for a boy or a girl. I was thinking about green and white striped bedding. Or maybe bring in a less rainbow chevron with some navy in it and go with navy and white. Who knows! :-)

  3. I think if I had tried to just poke a hole in the middle (like they did) instead of trying to literally sew through the paper with my machine it might've worked better. it was also my old (16 year old) machine so my new one might be better? My recommendation is try it out before cutting out a bunch of pieces. And maybe go in thinking "this might be a bit challenging"--and you'll be fine.

    oooh I love the striped bedding idea. I can't wait to see how the room works out!!



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