Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Journey to our little girl - chapter 1: Finding out and getting chosen

Nearly 2 months ago I wrote that we were discouraged in our foster care journey. We switched agencies and on April 23rd received an e-mail that we'd need an additional 25 hours of training. On top of the 20 hours we'd already completed... Shortly after that e-mail, I went to lunch...

A great friend and I meet for coffee or lunch about once a month and have for over a year. We don't live close together, but enjoy each other's company and make time to visit. Sometimes we get busy and our meetings get more sporadic. We met for lunch on April 23rd at 11am.

Lunch with my precious friend was just what my soul needed. She's pregnant with a little boy and the restaurant was full of pregnant women. She asked me how things were going with the foster process and I shared my heart. I was frustrated. I was overwhelmed. I wondered if Jarrod and I should get pregnant in order to get our baby. That didn't feel "right" but seemed like the only option. We were meeting so many dead ends with agencies.

That's when she told me about a beautiful family. A young pregnant woman and her mother were looking for a couple to adopt a baby girl. My friend learned about the pregnancy on Easter Sunday and her anatomy scan ultrasound was on Easter Monday, April 21st. It was at that appointment that her due date was adjusted by 11 weeks. I told my friend to pass along our information and wondered if it was all too good to be true. I called Jarrod as I left and told him God might have a different plan for us. I was literally flying high for the rest of the day.

After work, Jarrod, Wesley and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. I got home to a voicemail message from the baby's grandma. She was precious, compassionate, and told me about their desire for an open adoption. My friend had told her all about my family and she felt very comfortable with who we were. She and her daughter wanted to meet us and I couldn't have been more thrilled. We decided to meet sometime the coming Saturday. We were so excited, already dreaming about our baby girl.

The baby's grandma texted me a sonogram picture taken earlier that week and I was in love. On Thursday afternoon April 24th, we texted again and set a time to meet - 3pm on Saturday, April 26th. Ironically, Jarrod and I had been praying for several months at 3pm each day about how to expand our family. We were being intentional with this prayer time and knew that God was doing something when the meeting was scheduled for 3pm.

The next day or two had me incredibly anxious. I was struggling to sleep past 5am and my stomach was a wreck. I didn't want to get too excited and instead worried myself by googling private adoptions. So much can go wrong, they can be VERY expensive, and differ from state to state. I struggled to control my emotions, but it was hard. I couldn't focus on anything at work, which was problematic.

Saturday finally came. Our house was moderately clean and I had a plate of chocolate chip cookies ready to go. They arrived and it was immediately comfortable. The birth mom brought her mom and aunt for support. We had a million things in common including music and Dave Ramsey - two things that are incredibly important to us! Wesley was even on his best behavior! The birth mom was very quiet, but when I gave her a tour of the house she opened up a little bit. I had no idea how she felt, but knew that we did our best. We were completely authentic and ourselves. And I sweat like a pig. It felt like the most important date and job interview ever...

Within a few minutes after they left, I received a call from the baby's grandma. They picked us. They wanted us to raise their baby girl. Her due date is June 24th - less than 2 months away! We don't have a lawyer, home study, or anything baby! But we celebrate with expensive pizza and an evening of sorting through Wesley's old baby things. We're cautiously optimistic!
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  1. I love getting little stories to build up to an incredible adoption 😊 so happy for your family!



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