Friday, August 29, 2014

I rock at being a two-kid mom. {AKA Two kids is hard.}

All of this is said with a TON of sarcasm. I promise that I do not rock, nor have I EVER rocked, at anything in my whole life. I know that moms are not perfect and know we all make mistakes. I share this story for solidarity with the mama-sisters out there that struggle every day to shower, go to the bathroom alone, and not lose their minds. 

Until Sister was 6 weeks old I was rocking the two-kid-mama thing. I wore Sister in a Moby wrap on walks, baked cookies and blueberry muffins, and basically rocked everything in life. I was sleeping at least a full night ever two nights, thanks to swapping duties with the husband, was on a break from work, and my other kid was in school. Seriously, I had things under control.

Then we hit 6 weeks. I don't know what changed, but I suddenly stopped rocking at life. Here's my life two Sundays ago...

I got up with just enough time to eat breakfast with the kids, take them for a quick 2 mile walk around the neighborhood, and get back to shower, get dressed, and get to church. Wesley watches Daniel Tiger to give me time to shower. I leave my hair wet and hope it dries in a cute "style." A friend from church cut it this week and I want it to look good so she looks good. Fail #1. (She did a great job and it looks great now, but that day I was not rocking the messy look.)

It's 15 minutes before go time and I'm in my bathrobe getting Wesley dressed. He doesn't want to wear clothes. We have a conversation about the importance of wearing clothes to church. I bribe him and get him dressed. Sister is a much easier sell on wearing clothes so she gets dressed too - headband, socks, dress, and she's ready to go. 

Their bag is packed with formula, bottles, changes of clothes for both kids, diapers, undies, wipes, books, cars, trains, etc. All the essentials. I decide to put on real clothes (and take my own advice on wearing clothes to church) with about 2 minutes to spare. Wes gets on his new shoes and out the door we go! 

New shoes... Wes trips often and his new shoes cause him to trip even more. He eats the sidewalk the second we exit the house. Seriously? We don't have time for this, kid! Thankfully he's fine with a little love and we're off to church.

We arrive at church at the exact moment we need to be in Sunday school. I unbuckle Wes, get Sister in the wrap, and tell Wesley to walk towards me to get out of the car. I've locked all the doors and am ready to start the trek to church. Wesley decides to climb to the front of the car. Because Sister is strapped to me, I struggle to squeeze in the car to grab him and help him out of the car. I close the door and we walk through the long parking lot into church. We navigate our way to Wesley's classroom and I drop him off before going to my own class. I make it there only 10 minutes late, which I consider a success. #winning

Halfway through class a friend receives a phone call. His dad has found a set of car keys in the parking lot and wants to know where to bring them. I immediately know the keys are mine.

Of course I don't remember leaving my keys on the hood of my car, but I did. I knew I did. This sweet friend was very careful not to accuse me of anything - his father just wanted to know where to bring the keys to get them back to their rightful owner. He described the car and the keys - yeah, those are mine...

I was so embarrassed, but did get my keys back without any trouble. Thankfully I knew the son of the man who found them and they were returned before the entire church knew! Thankfully I got my keys back before I was walking to my car with both kids after church!

I got home with both kids and we had an incredibly challenging 3 hours. Wesley was inconsolable and refused to nap, eat, or calm down. Sister needed to eat (the horror!) and I wanted lunch too. It wasn't fun and I was pretty pissed off that Jarrod was at work all day long. It was one of my lowest points in parenting. After 3 hours Wesley fell asleep (he needed a nap SO BAD!) and Sister and I got to relax. Did I mention we were having 20+ people (including half a dozen toddlers) for dinner that night? Right...

Jarrod got home to a clean house, rested kids, and a relatively sane mama. It took him a few hours, but he eventually told me that I left the car door open in the driveway all afternoon. For 4 hours my car door was (locked) open. 
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  1. Honey, you DO rock at parenting two children, and most of the rest of your life too!!! You had challenges and you overcame them without a major meltdown--tht is success. You left your keys in the parking lot and your door open, but you got both kids where they needed to be--safely. That too is success. Be proud of yourself. We love you all, Aunt Pam and Uncle Marco



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