Friday, August 1, 2014

Journey to our little girl - chapter 3: The home study

When we first found out about this adoption, I began panicking about the home study. I know they can take a while and anticipated difficulty scheduling. Our lawyer explained that different courts require different social workers. Some are more particular than others. We'd have to wait until our court was assigned to have the home study. I (not so patiently) waited and eventually expressed my panic to our lawyer in mid-May. We got me in touch with a social worker and we got the ball rolling. Within a few hours of receiving the paperwork, we'd filled it out, contacted our previous foster agency for records, and handed out our reference letter forms out. Bam.

On May 27th I got a message that the baby might arrive sooner than we thought. I'd been planning that she'd be late - hoping she'd come closer to the end of June than her due date. The doctor said on May 27th that she may come within 2 weeks! That information lit a fire under me and I went a little crazy. We did the last few things on the list - got Wesley a new bed, installed the car seats, and started a hospital bag. I went into hyperdrive at work.
Part of me hoped she was a little late because the last two weeks before her due date are two of the busiest weeks of my work-life. Jarrod's taking 6 hours of class this summer as well, meaning he's in class 6 hours a day/4 days a week for 6 weeks. AH!
With our home study scheduled for June 4th, I prayed she'd stay put until we were able to have that complete. Our home study was conducted by a local social worker who works regularly with our lawyer. Turns out she is also Methodist, just like us. We made a million connections before she even arrived. We could have visited all day about just about anything - we adored our time with her. Besides talking church and mutual friends, she asked us about our relationship, parenting, family history, and how we handle conflict. We talked about discipline, how much we adore our boy, and what draws us to adoption. We shared the story of how we connected with our potential birth family. 4 hours literally flew by. I sent her on her way to another appointment with a bag of chocolate chip cookies.

I asked about a million questions and she was fantastic and patient, giving me a ton of peace. She explained how the hospital situation might be and encouraged me to contact the hospital social worker. She was incredibly encouraging and eased so much of my anxiety. Thankfully, baby stayed put! My early googling told me that a home study could take 60 days. Ours was in the mail 3 days after it was completed. Praise God. It was an incredible experience! The thing I was most worried about turned out to be the biggest blessing and most exciting part of the journey!

We are now waiting for our post-placement study to be done and cannot wait to introduce our baby girl to our precious social worker.
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