Monday, August 4, 2014

Journey to our little girl - chapter 4: Waiting.

The two weeks leading up to our baby's due date were chaotic in my work world. I spent 10 days in hotels and traveling a lot the 16 days before her estimated due date. Jarrod and Wesley traveled some with me for some of that but I primarily traveled without them. It was challenging, stressful, and so hard to be away.

Before leaving for my longest trip, we had dinner with our potential birth mom. It was absolutely delightful. We went over details about the hospital and birth experience, what her desires are, and what we can do to support her. The dinner calmed me deeply and was incredible. I am so thankful that our family is growing by more than just this baby, but also her first family also.

I left for the trip and traveled far. I didn't go anywhere without my phone - praying I didn't get a call that the baby was coming. On Monday, June 16th I was traveling in Mississippi and got a text - the doctor's appointment went well and that they would schedule an induction for the following week - at her appointment on Monday, June 23rd. This eased my mind and made me calm down a little bit. Of course baby can still come early, but I now am wrapping my brain around her coming the week of her due date. This gives me not only the opportunity to finish this trip, but also the chance to get back into the office after being gone for more than 2 weeks.

Towards the end of my trip I began to get very overwhelmed. Ends need to be tied up at work. Jarrod is home caring for our boy while also taking mid-terms, finals, and going to class everyday. He had a very stressful and dramatic week at work. I hate being gone. By the time I get back I will have just a few days before we meet our girl. Will that be enough time to get ready? Will I have enough time at work? How will I ever get enough time with Wesley?

I returned home late on Saturday night. By Monday evening we got a call that they'd scheduled the induction for Wednesday, June 25th. This gives me one more day in the office to finish up work. Plenty of time. We snuggle our boy, knowing his little life will be rocked in 48 hours. As per tradition, we got Boston Market for dinner on Tuesday night and got ready for our baby's birthday!
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