Tuesday, August 5, 2014

On the day you were born...

I woke up at 12:15am to go to the bathroom. I had text messages from your first grandma that checking in to the hospital was not as easy as they'd hoped. What was an 8pm check in turned into 12am. But they finally got in and got a room. Thank goodness.

By 6:45am the induction officially began. I didn't sleep much and neither did your daddy. He was up at 5am to get ready for school. He tried to work but couldn't focus. We were too excited! Wesley started making noise around 6:45am as well, but we didn't get him out of his big boy bed until 7am. Cheerios for breakfast and we were off on a bike ride/walk by 7:30am. Daddy was off to school - carrying several bags - one for school, one for overnight, and one for snacks!

After our walk, we got ready for the day. I took a shower while Wesley watched Finding Nemo. We started it the night before, but didn't get to finish it. He really liked the fishies and the sharks! While getting ready I got a bunch of text messages from friends that were praying. Everyone is so excited!

Before long we were ready to go! I had two bags for me but neglected to bring a bag or snacks for Wesley. Ooops! We went immediately to Momo and Pops' house. On our way we got a message to pick up some food. A detour or two and we made it to the hospital - with two bags, a gift, a blanket from Momo and a bag of chicken! I went straight to the room. Your first mama was comfortable, but exhausted. It was a long night of poking. The room was full of laughter. I was struck again how brave and strong your first mama is. She's absolutely remarkable. Her friends and family were there also.

After visiting, I introduced myself to the L&D nurse and went to wait in the family room. It was quiet and I was able to get some mindless work done while I waited. Things progressed quickly and I told Daddy to come straight here after his first class. He called at 11:10am frantic because his dad broke down on the side of the road. He had Wesley, no change of clothes or food, and was stuck. Jarrod was leaving school and I was at the hospital without a car. What do we do?

Thankfully Pops figured things out and got a tow truck to tow the car to our place. Wesley got an adventure of waiting on the side of the road and watching the cars go by. Then he got to ride in a tow truck! Before long, Daddy arrived with Chipotle.
We are the only ones in the waiting room currently and are doing our best to remain calm and pass the time. Soon our dear friend Jessica arrived. She kept time and occupied our minds for the several hours that passed. We were moved from the waiting room to our very own labor and delivery room around 2:30pm. The nurses were so gracious and kind to us. We got our things in our new room and met our nurse, Sharla. She explained what would happen and was so fantastic. We got regular updates -
3:02pm - 10 cm and ready to push!
3:40pm - pushing but doc isn't there yet.
3:55pm - Doc is scrubbing up and baby should be here soon.
4:02pm - NICU was called because they needed to use the vacuum to assist in the delivery. Commotion will be in the hallway, but don't worry.
4:17pm - Commotion is in the hallway and a friend says, "She did it!"

A nurse is walking down the hallway holding a baby. "Is that our baby?" Tears run down my face. I cannot believe it. She's tiny and perfect. Nurses clean her off, take vitals, and Jessica snaps pictures. Jarrod and I coo at her and tell her it's going to be alright. I immediately begin asking about her mama. None of the nurses can tell me anything, but I'm hopeful that she's doing as well as baby girl.

Soon she's cleaned off, wrapped up, and in my arms. Her grandma asks if she can come visit her. Jarrod takes a turn and we welcomed her precious family. Our first visitors were baby's grandma, great aunt, and mama's best friend. They were in awe of her beauty and were incredible with us. Best friend exclaimed at one point, "Your daughter is gorgeous!" And she is. She looks just like her mama.

After a little while, everyone left and we were alone with this precious baby. Jarrod and I took turns holding her and texting family and friends. The nurse came in every 15-30 minutes to check on us and baby. We had more visitors. Everyone was so respectful of our space. It's all very heavy and beautiful.

After a while, probably after 6pm, we were escorted upstairs. The nurse helped us drop our stuff off in our maternity room before taking us to the nursery to bathe baby girl. It was such an awesome experience! Mamas don't often get to be part of that and I'm so grateful that I was able to be there. Once baby girl was all clean, we went back to our room to meet Momo! Jarrod's mom brought us dinner around 7pm and got to visit with baby girl. While they visit, I went to see our birthmom.

She was just about to move to her room upstairs so I helped carry her things from L&D to her room. Her precious boyfriend was so incredible and supportive, never leaving her side. We visited for a while and I gave her a gift from our family. We made a charm for a charm bracelet for her that says, "Brave". We plan to add charms to the bracelet over the years. I stay for a few minutes, but then leave to give her time to rest.

When I get back to our room Momo is feeding our girl. I chow down as much as I can, but haven't been able to eat much lately. Anxiety is starting to creep in. Soon Jarrod's mom leaves and it's just our little family, minus our boy. We are missing him like crazy. We are learning our little girl and trying to soak up as much of her as possible. I am trying not to lose it...

We have two kids.

What if something happens with the adoption?

How will I ever be able to care for two kids?

Will Wesley love her as much as we do?

Will she ever.stop.crying?!

She cried until 1:30am. I was so tired. Jarrod said she sounded like a kitten. Not to me... But she was perfect, gorgeous, and strong. We love her.
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  1. Oh Leanne, that hallway picture made me cry big, fat, happy tears at my desk at work!

  2. Leanne, we have been so excited for you over these months and are thrilled to get the "full story" now in these posts. The pictures in this post also made me cry like a baby. You and Jarrod are so full of ability and grace. I can't wait to see all four of you, Lots of love, Aunt Pam and Uncle Marco

  3. I am so excited for your family!! I know how much you wanted to adopt and, of course, God came through. She is the most beautiful girl and I cried reading all these posts. The journey has been long, but worth it. I can't wait to meet her!! Love you all.



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