Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Potty Trained Bag - Zipper bag with a handle tutorial {DIY bag}

When Wesley became potty trained I was thrilled that I could ditch our big diaper bag and carry (just) my purse again! However, I wasn't comfortable leaving all of his things at home and didn't want to keep a million sippy cups, snacks, and Thomas the train undies in my purse. The first time I dropped my potty-trained kid off at the nursery at church I left him with a huge diaper bag with 3 things in it. It seemed silly.

A good friend said that she found a few make-up bags and kept them stocked and ready to go for her daughter. BINGO! I didn't have an extra make-up bag big enough for Wesley stuff so I decided to make him his very own bag.

I wanted something big enough for a change of clothes - shorts, shirt, underwear, socks, and sometimes shoes, a snack, and a sippy cup. I wanted a handle so that he could carry it himself. And because I have an embroidery machine, I wanted his name on it.

I found a few tutorials and tweaked them to make them work for me.

12" zipper
13"x17" rectangle for the outside of the bag
2 - 13"x8.5" rectangles for the lining
13"x17" fusible interfacing or fleece
3"x16" strip for handle (optional)
thread and sewing machine

For this project I used fleece to line the bag. I had some extra from another project and it worked great. I lined the fleece to the outside material and embroidered the name. This holds the two pieces together. If you aren't using something fusible, you can pin the two pieces together. If you're using fusible interfacing, iron the two pieces together to secure.

Line the zipper up with the top of the outside material, right sides together. Line one piece of the lining to the zipper. Sew together.

To make sure that the fabric doesn't get stuck in the zipper, flip everything right side out and topstitch.

Repeat with the other piece of lining and the other side of the bag.

Sew down the sides of the lining. If you aren't using a handle, sew down the sides of the main fabric as well.

If you're using a handle you will want to fold your long strip in half and sew shut. Flip right side out and iron flat. Topstitch either side of the handle and fold in half.

Before sewing up the sides of the outside fabric, place the handle inside and line up the end of the handle with the seams. Sew down both sides.

Flip the bag right side out. Before you sew up the bottom, make sure that the zipper is open. Iron in the edges of the bottom and topstitch closed the lining of the bag. Put the lining inside the bag. Now you're good to go!

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  1. Good idea! We sometimes take a little bag like this to church, but it's more like a purse. I love the embroidery, too! :)



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