Friday, September 5, 2014

Journey to our little girl - Chapter 7: ADOPTION DAY!

This is the last installment of the Journey to our little girl series. If you missed chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5, or chapter 6, I encourage you to read those as well to find out how we ended up here! 

If you follow us on Instagram you got overgrammed on Wednesday, September 3rd. We got up early in the morning, put on clothes that had been picked out and ironed for weeks, and were out of the house by 7:05 AM!

We parked the car at the parking garage (we scouted out the day before!) across the street from the court house. We had plenty of time to capture this selfie.

After walking across the street, we went through security. There were metal detectors but we managed to get through without any trouble. The sheriffs keeping guard were incredibly sweet to my boy who pretended he was shy.

The elevator took us to the 5th floor and we had time to run around. We took more photos, Wesley read a book, diaper change, potty trip, and it was time to meet our attorney! Our attorney took us to a private conference room to go over some paperwork.

Thank goodness she went over everything with us privately. She asked us the questions she'd ask in front of the judge and I got very teary. We practiced promising to love our baby girl forever and be her parents forever. It was emotional and beautiful... While Wesley ate Cheerios and read Go Dog Go in the corner.

After we finished practicing, we walked over to the court room and waited for our attorney to check us in. A few minutes later, we were ready to go! We walked into the court room and were told to go straight to the front! We walked right up to the judge and got things going!

We introduced our family to the precious judge and he swore us in. Our attorney asked us the questions again and we said we would love Sister forever and be her parents forever. We acknowledged that the 6-month waiting period had been waived (praise Jesus!) and we were prepared to take on all the responsibilities of parenting Sister.

And then we took pictures.

She's officially a Johnston!!

We went to court records and received 3 (THREE!) copies of her paperwork. We'll get birth certificate and everything else soon, but for now, 3 copies. And we can't lose all of them. Or it'd be bad. :-) Even with waiting for the documents, we were still out of the courthouse by 8:50am!

We went back to the car and decided to go to Starbucks to kill time before the zoo opened. We changed into our TEAM JOHNSTON t-shirts and got ready for coffee. We attracted a lot of attention getting our coffee and told our story about our precious baby. Not only did the woman behind us in line want to buy our coffee, but the baristas comped our coffee! It was beautiful to share our story and brighten everyone's Wednesday.

Free coffee is good coffee!!

After our quick stop, we went to the zoo! We have a membership and love to spend time there! We were some of the first people in the zoo and decided to take advantage of that to see things we don't normally see. We let Wesley direct our path and he wandered free - there was almost no one there!
We had a fantastic time at the zoo - the weather was perfect and Wesley loved it. But after about 90 minutes, we were all exhausted. It was a very long morning! We decided it was time to head to lunch. We went to one of Jarrod's favorite spots in Fort Worth for meat and meat. I got roasted cauliflower. It was incredible and one of the only non-meat options. :-)
Sister is so excited to be on Team Johnston!

After lunch we all crashed. Wesley took a 3 hour nap while Daddy and Mama got work done. Sister was pretty exhausted too!

And that's how she became a Johnston!
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