Monday, June 2, 2014

Our Foster Journey - Switching Directions

I'm sorry I haven't written. I know it's been over a month. This was the longest blogging break I've taken since I started blogging several years ago. Life got busy and too many things are happening that I cannot talk about - either because I'm not ready to or because I don't have adequate words. I'm coming back, but it'll be slow! To start, here's an update on our foster care journey! 

It's been a while since we updated you about our foster journey. In fact, I haven't written anything since March when I shared my plans for a gender neutral room! Back in March we were finishing training with our foster agency and awaiting the scheduling of our home study. When we were pushed off (again) I decided to go with my gut and we opted to switch agencies. I'd been feeling like we picked wrong for a while but didn't want to pull the trigger because it would set us back in time. I finally didn't care and convinced Jarrod that it was the right decision. He had the same concerns with our agency and agreed to the switch.

A few months previous I began to get the feeling that our family wasn't done with babies. Getting a baby from the foster care system seemed more and more unlikely - we heard from our previous agency that it would be several (5-7) years. I put this in the front of all of my prayers. Is it a baby you have for us? Where is this baby, God? How will we find her/him? Please keep us open to your leading and keep this baby safe until we have her/him. I even began to pray about getting pregnant again. I never thought this was part of my plan, but felt that our next child would come to our family as a baby. If pregnancy was the only way for a baby, that's what we'd do.

We researched local agencies, asked a million questions, spoke with friends, and questioned what we were to do. At this time time, we also began praying intentionally. My prayers felt scattered and I needed to know Jarrod and I were on the same page We set alarms on our phones to go off at 3pm each day, reminding us to focus on praying for the baby God had intended for us. We spoke with a new, highly recommended, agency and filled out the transfer paperwork in early April.

We continued to wait...

On April 23rd I received notification that our paperwork had been accepted at a new foster agency. We thought it would be a better fit and most of our paperwork and training would transfer. That morning I found out that we still had 25 training hours to complete before we could be considered for our home study. Because we were already through training with our previous agency, this was a huge blow and would likely set us back several months. The training schedule didn't fit well with our chaotic life and we'd have to wait until Jarrod was done with school for the semester before we could even consider beginning training.

Getting licensed is very important to us. Receiving adequate training is equally important, but it was exhausting just thinking about the amount of training necessary. If we continued in this process, that would be 45 training hours just in 6 months! That doesn't include the home study, fire inspection, paper-gathering, health inspection, and other various tasks to get licensed. Receiving that e-mail was an incredible disappointment to me and I wondered how exactly we would get our baby. We'll wait forever if that's what it takes, but these concerns felt more like setbacks than challenges.

We're still preparing, waiting, anticipating, and exploring. This process has forced us to be more intentional and focused. There's no way to wander into this situation and wander out with a child. Through this intentionality, we hope to have a child soon!
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