Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2014 Goals Recap

Each year I make goals. Several years ago I was very good at documenting our goals for the world. It was a great measurement and helped hold me accountable. Life has gotten busier and I've scaled back on my goals. This past year we set very specific goals as a family and had them up in the kitchen all year long. It was different than previous years because I didn't update you each month. However, I did take stock every day when I got dinner ready because they were staring at me!
My word for the year was obedient and Jarrod's was open. We did not complete each goal, but only because many of them changed! Here's our recap...

1. We did NOT complete the foster process, but probably would have had we not had a baby dropped into our laps. This goal probably should have been more bold and said, "adopt a baby". We nailed that goal!

2. We did not meet with an investment expert in March. We were a little behind on our financial goals in March and pushed it off until April. And then we got the call that we were going to adopt and put everything on hold to save funds for the adoption! Thank goodness! We now have retirement and kids college going but were thankful to be able to put that goal on hold to fund our adoption.

3. Scheduling intentional fun time as a couple and a family was crucial this year because of the chaos we experienced. We weren't exceptional at it, but we did do it and were mindful of it even in the most difficult of seasons. I'd say we did have one fun family day/time each month and probably about that for couple time too. We did have one weekend away without the kids, one night away without the kids, and one week of family vacation this year. Add to that multiple trips to the zoo, a few outdoor concerts, food trucks, and some movie nights at home, and I'd said it was a very fun year!

4. We challenged ourselves to meet each week to go over the budget, calendar, adoption forms, and schedule fun. We didn't do this EVERY week, but we did do it most weeks and it was incredibly helpful. Some weeks were more challenging but we did have on the calendar once a week to meet. We added in going over the menu plan at this meeting, which was incredibly beneficial after adding a second child with Jarrod in school!

Jarrod's Goals
1. He's taking 9 hours during the semester, took 6 over the summer, and 3 during this January term. He's on point to graduate in May of 2016! We had to have a come to Jesus meeting about this, but it happened and lit a fire under him!

2. Jarrod wanted to get good grades. He takes school (this time around) very seriously. However, when our daughter was born right in the middle of him taking 6 hours of class, we re-evaluated his desire to get straight As. Getting good grades is important, learning and taking this seriously is important, however, getting straight As cannot be the goal. Graduating and still having a healthy family relationship needs to be the goal. We re-evaluated this goal and he STILL got straight As last semester!

Leanne's Goals
1. I did walk most days. I probably walked 350 days this past year, but I didn't track it. This year I plan to make the same goal and track it using the Way of Life app. I'm already obsessed with it. I've walked at least 2 miles every day of 2015 so far!

2. I fundraised by MAY thanks to incredible donations from incredible people. It was SUCH a relief to have the fundraising done when we were focusing on bringing our daughter home. An incredible blessing!

3. Figuring out my next journey wasn't clear at the time. I wasn't sure if that meant quitting my job, adopting a child, picking up a new hobby, or adding in a new routine. I felt stuck and needed to get unstuck. Adding our daughter to our family got me unstuck in so many ways. I got a new job, have new routines, and have created a new rhythm for life that feels much more healthy. Life is still crazy, but in different ways.

I look forward to sharing our goals for 2015 soon!
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