Tuesday, January 6, 2015


It was not my intention to go silent for the entire month of December! Things have been busy and I didn't have much to update. Life has been chugging along and we're making it.

January is already proving to be an incredibly busy month! We've already set goals, planned vacations, and have a 3rd birthday and baptism extravaganza this coming weekend! December feels like a world away, but a lot happened! There are plenty of precious pictures of my little ones to share with you!

Here's what happened in December:

  • We had a Christmas party and went to a Christmas parade with our church friends.
  • We watched Christmas movies as a family! We saw Rudolph, Elf, Toy Story Christmas, Charlie Brown Christmas, 

  • I baked a ton of cookies and participated in two cookie exchanges. On a completely unrelated note, we went through 5 pounds (!) of butter this month!
  • We saw Santa! Sister slept through the entire meeting and Wes was skeptical. But it happened! We went to the same place we took Wesley for his first and second Christmases. So this was his 3rd trip to the same Santa! Here's our first experience in 2012

  • Jarrod finished his semester with straight As!
  • Jarrod turned 33!
  • We celebrated Christmas Eve Eve at my church as a family.
  • Wesley got a tummy bug and was down for the count on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day - it was terribly sad!
  • Wesley was over the tummy bug for about 15 minutes before coming down with the flu. We all got the shot, but he still ended up with flu A. We got him started on meds immediately and he was only sick for 4 days. It was a rough break for Wesley!
  • Eloise began sitting up like a champion! She's not rolling or crawling much, but I imagine as soon as she gets out of her helmet (in the next 2 weeks!) she'll become extremely mobile! 
Overall, it was a wonderful month. The sickness was incredibly rough but I feel very fortunate that no one else caught it. It was very disappointing to have Wesley sick for Christmas eve and Christmas day. We had a lot of beautiful things planned as a family - focusing on experiences rather than physical gifts. But this year we didn't really get to do much by way of experiences the week surrounding Christmas. I think Wesley feels like he completely missed the entire holiday. Hopefully next year will be healthy and even better! 
I already have several posts planned for January, so hopefully I'll be sharing more soon! 
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