Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Watermelon First Birthday!

It's been a while, but I wanted to pop in and share some details about Eloise's first birthday! Of course I cannot believe it's been a year. I began planning her birthday when she was about 3 months old. I chose a watermelon theme because it was perfect for a summer party.
With all that time, I spent months pinning and researching things on pinterest. I had a fantastic pinboard going and knew that I'd be able to DIY most of her party. The first thing I worked on was the invitations. I combined a few and created this one:
I sent this out digitally to save the date and then had some printed and handed them or mailed them to friends and family. I used vistaprint.com to print them on 5x7" premium paper. 

Because of scheduling, we opted to have Eloise's party on the 4th of July. We had a morning party with light snacks. It was a good time of day for us and seemed to work for most of our friends and family as well! 

Our guests were greeted by this watermelon wreath. It's just a styrofoam wreath covered with tulle. I also pained an E like a watermelon and hot-glued it to the wreath. The E hung on for a few weeks, but has since fallen off. I'm sure there were better ways to hang it other than hot glue... I hung the wreath by looping ribbon around the wreath and securing it on the other side of the door. I used a lot of tulle and ribbon for most of my projects! 

The snack table was just our kitchen table with a cheap pink table cloth. I used our own bowls and plates to serve the snacks. We served goldfish crackers, pretzels, carrots and dip, watermelon slices, and grapes. We used inexpensive green and pink plates and napkins. I added a few pictures from Eloise's birthday photo shoot on the table and hung a banner of her monthly photos over the table. I mounted the photos on green and pink scrapbook paper. 

The other banner I made was fabric! I used my embroidery machine and appliqu├ęd letters on triangles for Eloise's name. Then I sewed the triangles to a ribbon and hung it outside the kitchen. It was super cute. And I'm pretty sure it's still hanging there... 

Of course we also had a dessert table!

That's Wesley's hand by the cupcakes... It was hard to keep him away from them. He finally got one during the party and was SO happy! (And hot and sweaty from running around with his friends!) 

I made a cupcake stand by following this tutorial. I'd planned to just serve cupcakes, but with a growing guest list, I opted to order a cake as well. For the cupcakes, I followed this recipe and just adjusted for cupcakes. I colored them hot pink and added a few chocolate chips. The icing is from this recipe and is colored green. I used a piping bag and a few different tips to frost the cupcakes. 

For the cake, I just ordered a plain hot pink cake from the local grocery store. I asked them to leave off all decorative icing. When I got it home, I added green around the bottom and a few chocolate chips in the middle it turned out perfect! 

Because of our love for sweets, I've tried to keep Eloise's diet fairly natural when it comes to sweetness. For this reason, I decided to make her smash cake free of sugar. I used this healthy baby cake and it was perfect. I made several layers in small pyrex bowls and layered with frosting. It was perfect for Ellie, although my presentation wasn't perfect. I'm so glad that I went with the healthy cake. I had no problem allowing her to eat the whole thing at the party! She loved it and it's full of great things for her. 
She didn't seem to mind and dove right in! I also created a little skirt for her high chair. I simply wrapped tulle around a string and hot glued it to the chair. I pulled it right off after the party. 
We had a photographer capture pictures from the party, and I'm so glad we did! We did this for Wesley's first birthday as well and it freed us up to enjoy the party without worrying about getting pictures. 

I was very excited about creating Eloise's outfit. I embroidered a onesie with her name and a watermelon. I made her bow using cute ribbon from Hobby Lobby and a clip. I made these precious bow elastic sandals and added little bows to match her hair bow. I also made her tutu with tulle and a little extra ribbon. The tutu really made the outfit! I learned that the glitter tulle is pretty, but not ideal for a tutu because it leaves glitter everywhere. So I used the glitter tulle for the wreath and opted for regular pink for her tutu. 

Because her party was actually over a week after her birthday, on her birthday we did a big photo shoot. Here are a few of my favorites: 

I really cannot believe our little girl is one year old. It's been a crazy year and I cannot imagine our family without her. She's blessed us in ways I couldn't have even imagined. She's opened doors for us and brought us family that has made our life so much more full. 
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