Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I inherited the gene of complaint letters. I also inherited the gene of complaining, but that's another story for another day. I learned how to write a great complaint letter at a very early age. I am very good about sending compliments to managers as well, but I am not shy about sending a complaint when things are especially terrible.

While I'm not shy, I am also not quick at writing letters. It has to be terrible for me to write a complaint letter. I recently wrote a killer letter. It was a full page of complaints with many additional pages of documentation. Things were bad, folks.

We cancelled cable in May. (That's another story for another day!) We were billed for cable in May. We called. They fought us. We paid it, going with the idea that we cancelled too late in the billing cycle. Fine. They charged us in June. We fought. They said to just wait and it would be removed. We fought again. They said to just pay the bill without the cable. What? We fought again. They removed the charges. They charged us again in July. Seriously? I called several times in order to get someone who could actually help. They assured me that it was fixed and wouldn't happen again.

We were charged again in August. Jarrod spent 2 hours on a chat with them because their phone lines were closed. They said they would fix it and have someone call us to talk about it the next day. No calls. Ever. I tweeted them. They called, but said it could take 90 (!) days to fix the billing issue. I wrote a letter.

It's fixed now, after close to 20 hours of online chatting and on-the-phone talking to the least helpful people ever. My letter got us to the executive level and it seems that they are going to be helpful and get things fixed. Hopefully our September bill is fixed...

At the same time that this was happening, my Fitbit Charge stopped working. I'm a HUGE fan of my Fitbit Charge and this was so disappointing. I went on their website to see if I could troubleshoot it. I tried and failed. I set up a chat and within 5 minutes, I had an email with shipping information for my brand new Fitbit Charge. Seriously. How incredible is that? 5 minutes and a new device. I'm a Fitbitcustomer for life.

Likewise, while we were out of town and my sister was watching the kids, our air conditioner went out. Seriously. It was a nightmare. Initially we thought it was our Nest Thermostat. My sister called and after waiting on hold, was connected to the most wonderful person ever. They troubleshooted with her for an hour. Long after they realized it wasn't the Nest Thermostat, they continued talking to her and attempting to fix the issue. They sent us a new Nest Thermostat because if that was the problem, they wanted it to be fixed as quickly as possible. Within a few days, the box arrived. Turns out it was BOTH the Nest Thermostat and our air conditioner unit. Nest customer for life. (I also have the Nest Protect and LOVE it!)

As of writing this, I'm waiting to hear back from two other companies about their warranties. I have shipped a bag back to a company because it is damaged due to normal use. I'm hoping they can clean it or fix it for me. I'm also waiting to hear back about a damaged pan. We have great, environmentally friendly pots and pans that we take great care of. No dishwashers, no nesting or stacking, and no metal utensils. One of our pans is no longer non-stick and needs to be fixed. I checked their warranty page on their website and it was not at all helpful. As in didn't have any information at all. I filled out the form on that page and heard back 2 days later. We went back and forth for nearly a month. I finally called their customer care center and emailed someone else a specific number and the same information again. It's now been a full month since I first inquired about the warranty. I haven't heard anything. They have 2 days left to get back with me or they might be getting a letter... :-)

Have you ever used a warranty or written a complaint letter? What was the response?

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