Sunday, December 27, 2015

A little catch up

It's been a long while (much longer than I anticipated!) since I've written a real post about our lives. Things are going very well - we are busy but have found our groove. The kids are loving school and I love having them down the hall from me. I switched positions at work and am enjoying the challenge of the new job and am looking forward to catching my breath someday soon!
Jarrod is done with his coursework and will just have his internship next semester before graduating in May. On one hand I cannot believe he's almost done. On the other hand, it has been He's working hard at work and we've learned to balance family time, school, his job, my job, and the kids.
Christmas was especially beautiful. We attempted to keep things simple, but thanks to incredibly generous family and friends, our kids got everything. Dolls, all the trucks, puzzles, games, and clothes filled our home on Christmas morning. We've had fun exploring new toys over the past few days. The weather was beautiful on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so we spent a lot of time outside.
On Christmas Eve we were given a special treat - we went to church together as a family. We all sat together through the entire service. No one had to rush out with a screaming baby or to calm a chaotic child. It was not peaceful - the service was geared towards children with a nativity in the middle, but it was perfect.
The new year will be here before too long. I'm already thinking of a few more posts to share and hope to write more frequently in 2016. A few things bouncing around my head that you can expect -

  • Posts about our Whole 30 experience. Jarrod and I will begin that journey on January 1. I hope to share our experiences, recipes and what we think. I'm especially interested in reintroducing foods in February!
  • Why I'm walking 2 3-day events in 2016. I'm excited to share more about my decision to walk in Michigan in August and Dallas in November. (I'm nervous about raising $4,600! If you want to help, click here!)  
  • My new love and appreciation for StitchFix. I had a TERRIBLE box recently and want to share that experience and how I've come to love StitchFix even more in spite of the bad experience. 
  • Our 2016 goals and word for the year. We took 2015 off from formal goals, but I'm really pushing Jarrod to come up with a word and goals for 2016! Even if he doesn't have any, I'm planning to share mine! 
 Merry Christmas!
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