Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I inherited the gene of complaint letters. I also inherited the gene of complaining, but that's another story for another day. I learned how to write a great complaint letter at a very early age. I am very good about sending compliments to managers as well, but I am not shy about sending a complaint when things are especially terrible.

While I'm not shy, I am also not quick at writing letters. It has to be terrible for me to write a complaint letter. I recently wrote a killer letter. It was a full page of complaints with many additional pages of documentation. Things were bad, folks.

We cancelled cable in May. (That's another story for another day!) We were billed for cable in May. We called. They fought us. We paid it, going with the idea that we cancelled too late in the billing cycle. Fine. They charged us in June. We fought. They said to just wait and it would be removed. We fought again. They said to just pay the bill without the cable. What? We fought again. They removed the charges. They charged us again in July. Seriously? I called several times in order to get someone who could actually help. They assured me that it was fixed and wouldn't happen again.

We were charged again in August. Jarrod spent 2 hours on a chat with them because their phone lines were closed. They said they would fix it and have someone call us to talk about it the next day. No calls. Ever. I tweeted them. They called, but said it could take 90 (!) days to fix the billing issue. I wrote a letter.

It's fixed now, after close to 20 hours of online chatting and on-the-phone talking to the least helpful people ever. My letter got us to the executive level and it seems that they are going to be helpful and get things fixed. Hopefully our September bill is fixed...

At the same time that this was happening, my Fitbit Charge stopped working. I'm a HUGE fan of my Fitbit Charge and this was so disappointing. I went on their website to see if I could troubleshoot it. I tried and failed. I set up a chat and within 5 minutes, I had an email with shipping information for my brand new Fitbit Charge. Seriously. How incredible is that? 5 minutes and a new device. I'm a Fitbitcustomer for life.

Likewise, while we were out of town and my sister was watching the kids, our air conditioner went out. Seriously. It was a nightmare. Initially we thought it was our Nest Thermostat. My sister called and after waiting on hold, was connected to the most wonderful person ever. They troubleshooted with her for an hour. Long after they realized it wasn't the Nest Thermostat, they continued talking to her and attempting to fix the issue. They sent us a new Nest Thermostat because if that was the problem, they wanted it to be fixed as quickly as possible. Within a few days, the box arrived. Turns out it was BOTH the Nest Thermostat and our air conditioner unit. Nest customer for life. (I also have the Nest Protect and LOVE it!)

As of writing this, I'm waiting to hear back from two other companies about their warranties. I have shipped a bag back to a company because it is damaged due to normal use. I'm hoping they can clean it or fix it for me. I'm also waiting to hear back about a damaged pan. We have great, environmentally friendly pots and pans that we take great care of. No dishwashers, no nesting or stacking, and no metal utensils. One of our pans is no longer non-stick and needs to be fixed. I checked their warranty page on their website and it was not at all helpful. As in didn't have any information at all. I filled out the form on that page and heard back 2 days later. We went back and forth for nearly a month. I finally called their customer care center and emailed someone else a specific number and the same information again. It's now been a full month since I first inquired about the warranty. I haven't heard anything. They have 2 days left to get back with me or they might be getting a letter... :-)

Have you ever used a warranty or written a complaint letter? What was the response?

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Friday, September 4, 2015

Leanne's Favorite Things

Last week I wrote about Eloise's favorite things. This week it's my turn! Here are some of the things I've been LOVING recently!

1) Stitch Fix. I wrote about my life here but I needed to mention it again. Stylish, quality clothes without leaving the house. I don't know how I lived without this in my life.
I cannot wait to get my next box. I have it scheduled for October and am already so excited. If you're looking for new clothes but don't want to leave the house, I encourage you to check out Stitch Fix. I'm sure I'll be writing about it for years...

2) Your Texas is Showing. I'm biased (because I LOVE Skye!), but I love my new Your Texas is Showing tees. I have two, Jarrod has two, and each of the kids have one. Seriously, what is cuter?

I don't normally get excited about makeup, but I love this! Seriously. They are the perfect colors. I don't use anything else anymore. Going out on a date? Perfect. Going to work? Perfect. Don't want to look dead when I go to the grocery store? Perfect... 

I use it with this highlighter. I've never used a highlighter before, but I got it in my last ipsy box and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's a game-changer. Seriously. I cannot tell you how many people tell me how "bright" I look. (I'm confident it's a compliment...) I put a tiny bit in the center of my eye lids after whatever Nudes I've used and bam. Bright, finished, and pretty. Love it. There's a two for one!  

4) Fitbit Charge.
I've been a Fitbit fan for years, but I recently tried out the Charge and I'm hooked. I think it's as basic as the Charge has a watch on it. I used to be a loyal watch-wearer but when I went to the Fitbit, I gave up my watch. Now that I have the Fitbit I cannot imagine life without the time on my wrist. ;-)

Another feature I really love is the alerts I get when my phone rings. When my phone is near me, my fitbit will vibrate and scroll the caller id on the screen. It's amazing. Super helpful when my phone is in my purse or I'm driving!

Of course I'm a huge fan of the steps. I am always in a challenge with someone or challenging myself to get higher on the leaderboard. It encourages me to get out of bed at 6am to get 2 miles in. If I don't walk at all the rest of the day, at least I got those steps first thing! 

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Shopping without leaving the house {Stitch Fix}

The past year of so, I've tried to update my wardrobe. I'm 33 years old with two young babies, but want to look good. I began cleaning out my closet by getting rid of things that didn't fit, were stained, or didn't make me feel good. Because I got rid of things, there was room for new pieces and I wanted to be fairly choosy about what I added back into my closet.

I am a slow learner and didn't jump on the Stitch Fix bandwagon until a few weeks ago. I do not know why I waited! I've been reading about Stitch Fix for months on other blogs and even signed up but never scheduled my first fix. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, here's the Stitch Fix concept:
Fill out a clothing style profile including sizes, style preferences, measurements, and likes/dislikes. Schedule your first fix. You can receive them as often or infrequently as you'd like. You're then assigned a stylist who reads your profile, takes your notes into consideration, and checks your pinterest style board. Your card will be charged $20 for a styling fee. If you keep anything in your box, the $20 is a credit toward what you keep. Your box arrives with 5 items in it - I received a dress, necklace, shorts, and two tops in my first box. Keep all 5 items and get 25% off the whole box! Keep nothing and you're only out the $20 styling fee. Send back what you don't want in a postage-paid envelope within 3 business days. Record notes on the website so your stylist learns more about your preferences. 
Even though I'd been trying to update my wardrobe, I hate shopping and hate shopping with my two crazy kids. It's hard to dress like a grown-up if you cannot ever go shopping. The last time I needed a new purse I ordered two off of amazon.com and returned the one I didn't like. I can't order a whole new wardrobe off of amazon.com. (But that would be awesome!) Enter Stitch Fix.

I told my stylist that I was looking for stylish mom shorts, something green, a necklace, and that my lifestyle was mostly casual. She hit the ball out of the park. Here's why Stitch Fix is awesome:
  1. I got clothes that fit without leaving the house.
  2. I tried things I probably wouldn't have tried.
  3. Everything is SUPER high quality.
  4. I requested specific things and got them in my box...without going to 12 stores! 
  5. I didn't have to leave the house! (Seriously, with 2 kids that's INCREDIBLE!!!)
  6. You get suggested styles on cards with two different ways to style that piece of clothing. This is HUGE for me because I really struggle with how to put together an outfit! 
Stitch Fix is perfect for someone looking to expand their style and try something new. It's perfect for women who hate to shop, don't have time to shop, or is looking for something specific and doesn't want to go to 90 stores. Basically, it's perfect for me.

Here's what I got in my first box:
RD Style Wilton Knit Tank

The pictures don't really do this justice. This tank was awkward. The front pocket was huge. The material was faded green and too casual for my lifestyle. The neckline was very high and the arms were cut in too much - showing off my arm fat. I took this one off almost immediately and put it back in the bag.

Dear John Lillie Cuffed Short

I was super excited about shorts. I wasn't keen on the fabric, but tried them on anyway. I'm wearing them with the tank. They fit really well and were very comfortable. Unfortunately I was looking for a more dressed up short. These were black denim and sorta faded. More retro than my style. I did keep these out for a while though because I thought they would be perfect for Fridays and Saturdays with the kids. But I ended up deciding they were a little too pricey for just hanging out.

Romolo Joya bauble Pendant Necklace

This necklace was out of my comfort zone but that's exactly what I wanted. The color was perfect but it just didn't work as well with the clothes I already have. I sent it back, but am looking for something similar and will be asking my stylist for another necklace in my next box!

Market & Spruce Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee

Love. Seriously. It's green, for one. It's comfortable - the material is lightweight and perfect for my lifestyle. Plus it can be dressed up or down, depending on the need. It was perfection. And stylish, because rumor has it the hi-lo look is in. Bam. Done.

Kasey Stripe Hem Fit & Flare Dress

I loved this dress before I even got it out of the box. It is classic, light-weight, stylish, but also looked very comfortable. I loved the style options my stylist gave me - one was more casual with sandals and a cardigan. The other was more elegant with a clutch, heels, and a beautiful necklace. I wasn't sure about the fit - the dress hits my natural waist, which is just above one of my problem areas. I felt like the dress highlighted that area. Jarrod insisted that it didn't and I decided to keep it. I wore it to a wedding last weekend and LOVED it. The only pictures I got from the wedding were just the very top, but you can see more of it in the necklace picture above. Hopefully I'll get a shot of the whole dress soon. It's really pretty and basic, but has unique and classic white stripes on the bottom.

If you're interested in learning more, please check out the Stitch Fix website. In an effort of full disclosure, if you click that link, sign up, and receive a shipment, I'll receive a credit. I'll use that credit to buy more clothes. You get clothes, I get clothes. Win win! 
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