Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016 Goals

After taking a year off from formal goal-setting, Jarrod and I are back! Here are our 2016 goals:


  1. Fundraise $4,600 by July. Because I'll be walking in 2 Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure events this year, I'm raising $4,600. I'll need to raise that by the end of July because the first walk (Michigan) is the first weekend in August. I'd love to have both events fundraised by then so that I can enjoy the time between the two. If you'd like to make a tax-deductible donation, please do so here 
  2. Walk 360 days. For the past 6 years or so, I've made walking goals. Sometimes they are mileage-based, sometimes they are based on days. Last year I walked 357 days. This year I'd like to make it 360. I have one extra day in 2016 to help me meet that goal! I consider a walk when I've put my walking shoes on and gone outside. It could be just a mile, but it is more likely 2-3 miles at least.
  3. Commit to a healthy lifestyle. Jarrod and I began the year with the Whole30 and I'm really hoping this will help with my poor choices. I generally eat healthy - our meals are healthy and the food in our house is generally healthy. However, I have a cookie problem that I need to address in 2016. I need to learn to eat only 1 cookie or no cookies at all. ;-) 
  4. Being Present. Present is my word or theme for the year. I want to put my phone down and be present more. I want to work less and enjoy my family more. This year will bring a lot of changes in our family and I want to tackle them with a clear head. 
  1. Graduate! Jarrod will graduate (God-willing!!) with his (second) masters degree in May! It has been a LONG road since he announced he'd be going back to seminary and I'm SO excited to see him (us!) reach this goal. 
  2. Begin Residency. As part of Jarrod's path to become a pastor in the United Methodist Church, he will complete a 2+ year residency program where he will continue to receive mentoring and undergo evaluation before ordination. This will (hopefully!) begin this year. 
  3. Overall health. Like me, Jarrod wants to pursue overall health. We're kicking the year off with the Whole30 and Jarrod hopes to improve his weight, exercise routine, and eating habits. Jarrod's word for the year is health. 
  4. Reading. Jarrod hopes to read more theology, fun, commentaries, and history. He recently had about 7 boxes arrive from with a whole bunch of books, so I see this being an easy goal to hit! 
I'll keep you posted this year on how we're doing with our goals! Did you make any 2016 goals or do you have a word of the year to guide your visioning this year?
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