Friday, January 15, 2016

My favorite podcasts

I love listening to podcasts. They are so entertaining when I walk and keep me going! I've been listening to podcasts for years but recently have expanded my list and thought I'd share it with you!

Of course I'm a fan of Serial - who isn't? I'm not as into this season as I was the last season, but I definitely enjoy this podcast... And this one opened a whole bunch of new podcasts to me - the Serial spinoffs. Two of them stuck and are my faves...

Truth and Justice might be my new favorite. I read the books Bob recommends, I listen as if I'm in the room with him and whoever he's talking to, and just love it. I am so excited about this new season and learning more about the justice system in Texas.

Of course because I loved the first season of Serial, I'm obsessed with Undisclosed. I just listened to the last episode and don't know what I'm going to do for the next several months while they begin working on season 2. I cannot wait to hear about their new case and developments in Adnan's case! 

But I don't just listen to true crime or news show podcasts... I also love listening to interviews and women talking about life. 

I always listen to the Girl Next Door Podcast the moment it comes out. Kelsey and Erica have become close friends...they just don't know it yet. I love that they talk about simple living, adoption, raising kids, being a working mom, balancing, and sharing cocktails. They are funny, insightful, and always give me something to do to make my life better. When I first heard about this podcast I got so excited that I started from the beginning and listened to every episode. So good!

When Kelsey from the Girl Next Door Podcast started a new podcast this year with her husband, I knew I'd love it. Kelsey and Chris talk about money and marriage. It's inspiring and interesting to hear their interactions with money. 

She Percolates is another female team of podcasters that I LOVE! Danielle and Jen interview women and discuss different views of success. I've been introduced to other fantastic and inspiring women through their podcast. 

This is a newer podcast on my list, but I'm in love. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey is fantastic. Her husband is a pastor, she's friends with Jen Hatmaker, and is totally awesome. On her show, Jamie interviews very interesting women. They talk a lot about faith and I get a lot of ideas for my own spiritual journey from this show. They are always recommending good books that I wish I had time to read. I decided this week to go back to the beginning and listen to the very first few Jamie Ivey podcasts and work my way to the present. 

And finally, This American Life. Some stories are better than others, but I generally really enjoy hearing from Ira Glass each week. If you aren't familiar with This American Life, it takes a theme each week and shares different narratives from people about that theme. It's very creative, informative, and interesting. This is also the ONLY podcast on my list that Jarrod will also listen to...

In addition to these, I've been known to listen to radio shows like Dave Ramsey, sermons from my own church or others, and random pop culture podcasts. I'm always trying out new ones, but these are the few that have made the cut!

What are you listening to?
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  1. So yeah, we listen to the same exact list of podcasts, except I also add in Dave Ramsey and Spilled Milk! So glad you love GND!!!

    1. Yes!! Spilled milk is a fave when I'm not doing Whole30.... I can't listen to them talk about food I can't eat!! ;)



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