Monday, January 4, 2016

Stitch Fix: huge miss and a huge win!

I got my first Stitch Fix in August and immediately fell in love. I wrote about that experience here so if you need a refresher, hop over there first. Basically Stitch Fix is a personal stylist that reviews your pinterest board, style profile, and body type and sends you a box of 5 items on your schedule. I receive these boxes (called fixes) whenever my wardrobe needs a new item.

I received my 3rd box in December. I was really looking forward to a wintery box of plaid and sweaters. Instead I got the worst box ever. I am definitely not sharing pictures, but I did take them. I got a terrible ugly green sweater jacket circa 1989 with black and white checked trim, an asymmetrical hot pink blazer from 1983, a wool, flowered, high-waisted skirt, a pretty peach long-sleeved blouse, and a chunky silver necklace. The peach blouse was pretty and fit well, but I already have something like it and it's not at all wintery. 

I was disappointed. I took photos and shared them with my most trendy friends. They all agreed. TERRIBLE. 

So I emailed Stitch Fix customer service and they offered to give me back my $20 styling fee and try again. I requested the same stylist that I'd had previously (Leigh Ann) because she was much better. Customer service was very nice and asked me a few basic questions - where do I shop, what celebrity do I admire their style, and what is my personal style. This was frustrating because I give VERY detailed notes when I receive a box and who the heck knows what celebrities are wearing - I have 2 little kids! But I appreciated the effort and vowed to try again... attempt #2 went MUCH better and box number 4 was a big winner... In fact, I kept every item... 

I received a fantastic pair of olive pants, a cute and wintery sweater, a gorgeous crossbody purse, a fit and flare black and white striped dress, and a grey with lace tee. I made Jarrod make the decision about the items because I wanted the whole thing. He decided that was fine because I got 25% off if I got all 5 items but ended up selling a couple of them because I didn't really NEED a new bag...
While I LOVE the dress, I have one a lot like it... 3/4 length sleeves, black and white stripes... So I'm working on selling it... 

This is the grey and lace shirt. I'm in love. It's just a soft grey tee with lace over top. It's really well-made and very pretty. I wore it on Christmas eve with red jewelry, a pin-striped skirt, and red heels. When the air conditioning made me a little chilly (because it was 80 degrees outside!) I put on a grey cardigan sweater. Beautiful and SO comfortable!

I am so thankful that I emailed to let them know I was disappointed. I was thrilled with my next box and am even more excited to get another one later this month... My goal is to take actual pictures with those items and share them with here...

Do you use Stitch Fix? What do you think? If you don't, what would you hope to get in your next box?
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