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On January 11, 2012 we welcomed our first child, Wesley, into our family. If you are looking for information about our pregnancy, please check out our Pregnancy Page

Introducing Wesley Daniel Johnston
Wesley's Newborn Photo Shoot
Announcing Wesley Daniel Johnston
A day in the life
Wesley's First Haircut
The Grass is always greener...

Monthly Photos
One Month 
Two Months 
Three Months
Four Months
Five Months
Six Months
Seven Months 
Eight Months
Nine Months
Ten Months
Eleven Months

Cloth Diapering
The Stash - Take 1
The Stash - Take 2
Our First Experiences
Cloth Wipes
Dad's Perspective
ABCs and 123s of Cloth Diapering

My breastfeeding story
Breastfeeding Essentials

Working Mama
Workin' Mama!
Going Back to Work
Being a Working Mama
Back to Work Meal Planning
Working Mama Woes

Birth Stories
Our birth story - the short version
Birth Story Chapter 1
Birth Story Chapter 2
Birth Story Chapter 3
Birth Story Chapter 4
Birth Story Chapter 5 

Nursery Notes
Nursery Check-list 
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions 
Nursery Art
Nursery Curtains - Custom, homemade curtains
Custom Floor Pillows
Patchwork Pillow
Bird Wall Art
Nursery Update
Crib and Crib Skirt
Custom Light Fixture
Wall Hanging
The Big Nursery Reveal!
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